Re: Logging of QSOs when using repeaters on U/VHF

Cliff (G3MNJ)

Well Neal your question certainly started a conversation.

As you know it is no longer a requirement to keep a log unless required to do so by OFCOM. So why bother? Years later one can look back and remember those we used to work. In my case G2, G3 and G8 with two letter suffixes. Days of 160m band mobile in a Ford Anglia with a huge whip on the rear bumper and a rig under the dashboard in the passenger footwell.

Modern day rigs and electronic logging mean the two can be integrated which means contacts can be uploaded electronically making it easier to claim awards. No longer having to wait weeks, months or even years for that elusive QSL card to come via the bureau.

Repeater contacts and the local club net? log them. Up to now I have only been entering my initial call to the net control station in the log. With this years WAM competition underway, Looks like I will need to revise my procedures.

Even in 1977 there were different logging requirements for home and mobile stations. I have just looked at an old licence. At home the licensee had to record the times the station was opened and closed down as well as all calls including CQ's and all entries had to be made at that time. Mobile, calls could be logged at the end of the journey and the requirements were slightly less onerous. A nod to safety?


Cliff G3MNJ 

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