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Graham (G4OED)


Looking through the log tonight it appears that my recall of the DXCC’s was wrong.

New were actually Cape Verde and Saba & Eustatius.  I worked Reunion for the first time on SSB but already had had an FT8 contact.

French Guyana must be added to the “missed” list.  I can see a note I made of the callsign and frequency they were working, but didn’t go back to work them.  He ho.


On 28 Mar 2022, at 14:02, Graham (G4OED) via <grahperry@...> wrote:

I worked as single band on 15m with the Classic overlay.  100 QSOs 87 Prefixes, claiming 20,880 points at 2.4 pts/Q.

New DXCCs were Cape Verde Islands, French Guyana and St Kitts &Nevis.

 Missed out on Martinique, Costa Rica and Nepal!

Interesting to contact all the unusual contest calls such as J42L, H25A, XO2O, ZZ7A to name a few.


On 28 Mar 2022, at 00:48, Marc (M0KYB) <marc@...> wrote:

Well that's another contest finished. I managed about 22 hours this time.

Unfortunately, half way through my FlexRadio gave up on me so I had to revert to the backup, my old Yaesu FT-840 (with knobs on the front, well fancy that!!) and separate manual tuner. I actually quite enjoyed using it again. Not sure what's wrong with the Flex, the footswitch stopped working so I thought there was something wrong with that but plugging a standard mic into the Flex did not resolve it ... so no transmit / PTT for some reason. I will have to investigate when I get back from Switzerland. I hope it is not serious, if it needs repair it will have to be shipped to Germany.

It was a very busy contest, hard work with lots of splatter and stations calling CQ on the same frequencies. I've not analysed which new DXCCs I bagged (if any) but I'm sure there will be some.

<CQ WPX 2022 Totals.jpg>

<CQ WPX Map.jpg>

500 QSOs across the 5 bands. 325 different prefixes. 10m had some activity but not great, only flutterings at certain times. 15m was pretty good.

Off to sleep now, have to be up at 6.45am to go to London tomorrow!

Andy - Sorry to hear about your PC.
Neil - well done and get ready for the next one!
Tony - You have done WPX for the last 2 years by the way ...


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