Re: Any thoughts for Pinetrees re-boot?

Den (M0ACM)

Thanks for the post, Matt.

Sorry to hear you can't make tonight. Look forward to seeing you when you can.

Yes, you make a good point to spread the word re the

Saty safe and healthy.



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Subject: Re: [sdarc] Any thoughts for Pinetrees re-boot?

Hi Den


I can’t make it this evening, but maybe not everyone is aware of this group yet ? Possibly worth a mention anyway





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Hi Phil.

Thanks for the ahead thinking.


We probably WILL need a bit of orientation. My initial thoughts cover - domestic issues: masks and sanitizing, wearing ID for others to know you, need to sign in, refreshments, byo cups and system for paying, toilets, emergency exit procedure.... That bit is "early parish notices" ....


I will have tea, coffee, milk and sugar and maybe some biscuits.

I have also printed the signing in sheet. Tis in my car ready!!


A station sounds good - watch the wx tho!


Anyone think if owt more ??








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Subject: [sdarc] Any thoughts for Pinetrees re-boot?


Hi Gents,

Are there any thoughts about the first night at Pinetrees?

New members and recent joiners will need some kind of walk through or introduction, I would have thought. I could help with that, if needed.

Will the GB3WH 2m net continue for those who cannot get alont to PInetrees?

We also thought about setting up a simple station, just to radio-ise the occasion. I will chuck some gear into the car.

Has the signing in sheet been sorted?

Look forward to any comments. 


Phil M0PBZ



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