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Simon (G4WQG)

I built one of these filters last year and can confirm that my noise level reduced by a couple of S points across 80-30 meters.

Well worth the money and time..


Simon L S Harris

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Hi All,

For those that attended the excellent video talk 'Clean Up Your Shack' by GM3SEK on Thursday and for those that didn't, I thought I'd price up the cost of making one of the mains filters. The pricing includes everything, except the 13A Socket Strip as most people are probably already powering their kit via one of these. All the parts can be purchased from just 3 suppliers, Mouser, CPC and Screwfix (for the mains cable). Mouser are able supply both the types of ferrite cores and the Schaffner mains filter. They offer free shipping as do CPC. For the 13A 3-Core cable, I chose Screwfix, as they are local and I can pick up the cable direct from them. I also chose a 10m drum as I'm planning to make 2 filters, so will need at least 6m of cable, so it makes sense to buy a 10m drum as I'm sure I'll use the remaining 4m for another project.
To make 2 filters, the total cost of parts, delivered would be £127.74 (including the 10m drum of cable), so if you half that, then the cost to make 1 filter would be around £63.87. So, if you bought just enough cable for 1 filter, it would probably cost you about £60.

All the individual links to the parts are below:

Right, time to order my parts and get building.


Dom, 2E0WHQ

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