Re: Random Length EFLW

John Claridge 2E0JJC

Hi Dom

Thanks for the link.
I want one for tinkering with some experimental projects I have in mind.
I had been thinking of making my own but, although not difficult to make, "thinking" was a far as it got. About three weeks ago I watched the W&S video you referred to which reminded me that I still had not made one.

I have just ordered the one you mentioned so it just remains for me to try hard and remember the projects I wanted it is an age thing😀


John. 2E0JJC

On Mon, 17 Jan 2022, 1:05 am Dom (2E0WHQ), <domwilko@...> wrote:
John, if you are looking to buy a 49:1 UNUN, rather than make your own, then have a look at these on eBay. They are made by G4ICD and are extremely good quality. He's shutting down his commercial business, due to retirement, so he's chucking in a few freebies with every sale and it will work out cheaper than the LDG 49:1. They also use a genuine Amidon FT240-43 toroid ferrite. If you don't have the bits to make a Balun (UNUN), then by the time you have bought them (SO239, laminated wire, toroid ferrite, box, capacitor, etc.) it would probably be worth spending the £34 (including delivery) on one of these.

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