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Tony (G4LDL)

Hi John.   Well currently my set up is slightly unorthodox.  I used to have a trailer with a pump up SCAM on it. For that the rotator did go on top in the “normal” fashion.

However since the SCAM pump up became defunct and I acquired a new Yaesu rotator I have a set up where the rotator sits on a plank on the ground (which was meant to be partially under the wheel but isn’t).  I then have a bar strapped to the roof rack and the poles go up through a tube fixed to this with the antenna on top.

The rotator is a “standard” Yaesu and operated from 240v – but I run a generator which also runs a 240/12v psu to drive the rig.


However I should say that my main target is the ACs (SSB/CW) rather than the FM section but I enter the FM as well as I am usually set up. Hence I use horizontal beam antennas – which sort of defeats the original intention of the FM bit but I’m not the only one that does it.

No reason why you shouldn’t use a vertical antenna and get it as high and in the clear as possible.  Good co-ax is a must if you don’t want to lose to much Rx signal and you might even think about a masthead preamp although they are of more benefit if you are using beams as then you can null out some of the signals which can be a problem with an omnidirectional antenna!


Have a chat further sometime at Club.


73 Tony, G4LDL.





From: <> On Behalf Of John Claridge 2E0JJC
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Subject: [sdarc] Portable VHF antennas and rotator


Hi all

I am thinking of entering the FMAC contests and therefore I will need to buy 2m and 70cms antennas. They must be suitable for portable working (Sat in my car)
I have a strong portable mast system (swaged ali poles) which can take a yagi. Any antenna recommendations from our portable contest members?

Tony (G4LDL)...I believe you use a rotator. Can you please tell me the model you use. Is it 12v or mains with an inverter unit?

Thanks in advance

John. 2E0JJC

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