Re: Tonight's 70cm FMAC - THANK YOU! #contest

Marc (M0KYB)

Hi All,

I'm so sorry for not getting to the party last night. I was all loaded up with yagi, mast, radio, sandwiches, torches, etc. and made my way to Uffington. Unfortunately, I missed the turning for the car park and ended up taking the next turning along. This is a track going up Knighton Hill. I realised I was in the wrong place when I got to the top so turned round at the end. I was running late so decided I would operate from the crest of Knighton Hill instead. I pull over and, unfortunately, my front wheels immediately burried themselves in deep mud. Once those wheels went in, they were not coming back out .....

I won't bore you with further details but I ended up calling out a 24 hour tow truck from Swindon to rescue me and am now £120 poorer. I was livid, can't believe my own stupidity.

Sorry again ....


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