Re: Tonight's 70cm FMAC - THANK YOU! #contest

Tony (G4LDL)

The SSB session was strange with lots of huge QSB. G4FZN in IO94 was a good signal all evening.
I was called by 2 French stations and a PA but I didn't hear a whisper from GD or GM, nor did I hear anyone else working them. Unusual since I can normally hear one of the GDs even if I can't work them. Wonder if my location was too high and it was ducting lower down!

On 14 Dec 2021 22:30, "Den (M0ACM)" <denf.acm@...> wrote:
Well "rare DX" was about tonight. ... meaning I got my diary sorted and aerial up ahead of time!

My IC7000 - and my power meters were arguing about my o/p : set to 35w but reading 15w on fm and similar on ssb with compression!  
..... Another fine job it's got me into !!

In the circumstances, I was very pleased to work 13 in the fms with my in-loft collinear - all but YCC in IO91 ! 

I was even more contented to work yet another 13 on SSB using a 10m high 9 ele. ... especially when this list included a GD8 and an F1. That doesn't equate to 15w from "town" unless condx were up!
The odd bit was that I only managed Tony from the local crew!

I will submit the log tomorrow.
73 all


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