Re: CQWW SSB 2021 edition

Graham (G4OED)

A great showing everyone.

I worked as a Single Operator Low Power, Classic Overlay, which meant I could operate for a maximum of 24 hours out of the 48.  I did slightly under 18 hours, which was quite enough.  It sounds as though I missed out on the 10m conditions on Sunday although the few I did work were helpful, including Crete and 3 points for Cyprus.

I started using 100W on 10, 15 and 20.  The first two on dipoles in the loft with a cobbled together 1/4 wave vertical for 20 in the garden.  By Saturday lunch time I had managed 25 European DX’s as I thought, towards the club challenge.  I then realised my initial points in the club challenge had been claimed in the 50W category (as they were obtained on VHF). So, after lunch, I reduced the power and set about finding all the same counties again but different stations or bands.   At about 3 pm on Sunday, I reconfigured the vertical whip to operate on 40m to get some of the nearer countries that were missing from the list.  Nevertheless, The Netherlands and Denmark still evaded me.  I could probably have worked harder on Areas like Asiatic Russia and Brazil, as I could hear these OK, but found it hard enough to convey my callsign to some of the Southern Europeans, (Germany 4 Hotel Tango?  …. Xray Delta?   etc.) so was a bit reticent to even start.

I used an electronic log for the first time, having found Xlog in the Raspberry Pi collection.
It’s quite basic but has facilities like duplicate checking and counting dxccs.

My totals were:

Zones 8
DXCC’s 45
QSO’s 111
Points to be claimed 11,616

I need to re-enter my log as I didn’t allow for the band multipliers, so need to claim more points.

Graham G4OED

On 1 Nov 2021, at 14:36, David (G7IXU) via <david.welch.g7ixu@...> wrote:

Some fantastic results there, congratulations to everyone.


I too dipped in and out, not sure how many hours, certainly less than 10, my results were:


QSO’s: 53

DXCC: 32

Zones: 10


I’ll just be submitting a check log.


Station is a Yaesu FT-950 at 100w, into 40m and 20m dipoles connected to a common centre at 15’ to 18’.


I didn’t manage any new countries but was impressed by the pile ups for Aruba and Reunion Island. No chance of breaking through, so well done Dom for bagging both of them … and others. Happy to get 3A3A and Z60A.


I think I could do with some tutoring on getting the best out of the FT-950’s DSP features. 40m and 20m were packed solid and I was constantly battling the high pitched sounds of stations just off the station I was trying to listen to.


What logging programs were you guys using, were they counting up your score as you went along?


Best 73

David G7IXU




From: <> On Behalf Of Marc (M0KYB)
Sent: 01 November 2021 14:16
Subject: Re: [sdarc] CQWW SSB 2021 edition


On Mon, Nov 1, 2021 at 01:32 PM, Dom (2E0WHQ) wrote:

Really interesting looking at the QSO Maps. It looks like both Marc and I were pretty much working the same areas, despite the difference in power and antennas

Yes, I agree, don't think my results would be vastly different with 50W to be honest. The directionality of the hex beam made all the difference. The SPID rotator worked as hard as I did, constantly turning. Alt J in N1MM+ to automatically turn the beam to the exact heading of the station being worked. It is not a superfast rotator, 100 seconds to do a full 360 degrees @ 13.8V. I will have to feed it with the full 18V next year to get an extra 10 seconds of turning speed ...

Shame I didn't get to work Australia or New Zealand, I could faintly hear them but was not able to work them. I also heard Antartica, but couldn't break through the pile-up.


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