Re: CQWW SSB 2021 edition - G4L.

Tony (G4LDL)

Didn’t do a major attempt because I hadn’t managed to get a decent low band antenna or a beam up.  Went for 40m single band, HP, unassisted.

Had to use the Cushcraft R7, a 40m to 10m vertical but did have a Wellbrook Loop to help with RX.  The R7 didn’t perform particularly well as a SB contest antenna so concentrated on mults – also with a view to the Club Challenge.

Didn’t get a lot of chance to operate in the daytime so missed some more local mults like GD, GI, GJ, GU etc.  Also heard a couple of fairly rare stations but couldn’t break the pile ups. Usual problem as callers using the cluster already know the DX’s callsign but I have to listen for it among all the cretins constantly calling on top of everything – including the DX giving his callsign!

Tried calling CQ; when I could find space; but only managed to get about 12 Qs for around one and half hours calling (not in one go). Had a strong “discussion” with a YU who decided to call CQ on top of where I had been calling CQ for some while. He ignored my complaints but immediately responded when I offered him a contact. He swore that he had asked if the frequency was in use but I thought not. I then I asked him how strong my signal really was and he said 59 so I queried why he answered me when I offered him a contact but could (wouldn’t) hear me when I was calling CQ He said sorry and then went on calling CQ! Not uncommon I’m afraid.

Also disappointed to hear several Region 1 stations actually working USA above 7.2 MHz.


Score   Qs = 309;    Pts = 412;   Zones = 18;    Countries = 67.    Score =35,020.



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