Re: CQWW SSB 2021 edition

Den (M0ACM)

A good effort there,  Ian. 

To be honest, you didn't miss much later on....

From tea time today (Sunday) 20m collapsed from the East very rapidly! 

I managed to work only 16 Qs from 19h00 to 21h00 - and all of them were NA !!  Not a squeak from EU (happily!).

By 21h00 the band was gone and I packed up (and saved some Carbon!)

When I packed up this evening Hartland was showing K at 4 !

My effort this weekend was also a secondary use of time and a make-shift aerial (foxy chewed the support cords and then the wire of my 40m delta!).

I found Saturday condx were OK until late evening (Increased geo mag activity last night but improved this morning).

My stats...
Single band - 20 metres, Classic.
Single Op, Un-assisted, Low Power.

Only 9h 53m on air.

184 Qs
11 Zones
39 Countries
13,900 points

Best DX were several to Brazil, mid west US and Asiatic Russia. (No JA or further). Nothing sub Saharan.
Some rare EUs (for me) included Monaco and Leichtenstein.

IC 7300, 100w,  20m Vertical End Fed.

Bon sėjour !


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