CQWW SSB 2021 edition

Ian McCarthy G3YBY F5VKT

Hi all,

Just a quick report on my CQWW effort this weekend before leaving for the ferry this evening. It was always going to be a casual part time effort as rugby in Bath got in the way yesterday afternoon and packing the car today. The main reason for entering was to try and earn a qualification point for my contest call renewal (G3Y). I decided to do 20m single band unassisted low power as it should give me a fighting chance of getting 20% of the UK winners score. Conditions did seem variable and the band noisy at time due to  a CME and a high K index but managed to work a couple of VKs and BYs but no west coast US. Ended up with 351 QSOs, 59 countries and 19 zones for a score of 38454. Rig FT5000, antenna 3 element SteppIR at 25 feet.

Look out for me in the CQWW CW at the end of November - I will be using my other contest call TM5T
See you all when I return in December.

73 Ian G3YBY F5VKT

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