SATVA- Systems' Approach to Vedic Astrology

(i) If you are unable to find reasons for your life problems; and (ii) if you are fed up with confusions, inconsistencies and contradictions in classical Vedic astrology, you are welcome to learn the Systems' Approach (SA) to Vedic Astrology (SATVA). SA Astrology offers solutions to life problems through jyotish remedies and strengthening of planets through Special Kavachs / Gemstones.
One can ONLY learn predictive astrology successfully with greater confidence, dependability, speedy analysis and accuracy through SA books; "Self Learning Course in Astrology" etc. & free access to Online Learn Astrology lessons provided by Systems' Institute of Hindu Astrology at
SATVA has been propounded by Astrologer & Author, V K Choudhry of Gurgaon, India, through his books to help remove the confusions and contradictions jyotish/astrology has accumulated over the centuries. SATVA increases predictive accuracy, gives speedy analysis, improves understanding of karma and offers effective astral remedies suggestions for greater spiritual growth. It enhances happiness in life through application of strengthening astral remedies like special power/purpose Kavach.
The mission of SATVA is to help astrologers to better understand and predict events and trends in the life of their clients and render help through suggestion of jyotish remedies. Learners should study through website lessons with patience and do not make unnecessary queries.
Visit for Jyotish Tools software useful for practitioners of SA. "Jyotish Tools" is an excellent Astrology programme.
Welcome to learn intricacies of Systems'Approach concepts & predictive tools. Qs with personal difficulties will be answered subject to availability of time.
K Rajesh Chaudhary, Owner & Moderator

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