SATK Status

Harold Grovesteen

The new subscriptions to the group seems to have subsided, so I thought
a status would be helpful.

ASMA, a mainframe assembler supporting all platforms, old and new, with
a full battery of macro tools familiar to most mainframe assembler
programmers no longer has any issues with Python versions.  Python
changed some internal processing that needed accommodation within ASMA.

IPLASMA, the tool that creates an IPL capable medium acceptable to
Hercules is now functioning.  Still working on device support and

A new SATK manual is available, doc/Guide.pdf.  It illustrates creating
a simple bare-metal program using ASMA and then creating an IPL capable
DASD volume.  This is new and intended to bring together the many
elements required to use SATK that may be a labyrinth for the new user.
 Samples are in samples/guide for each program.  They have all been
tested with what exists in the sample directory.  Your input on this is
would be appreciated.  Plans are to continue expansion of this manual.

Also, some Hercules documentation has been added to the doc/herc

I develop SATK on Linux.  Have not used Windows since about 2003.  I
have at this late date no idea how SATK is used on Windows.  I know a
few users do use it on Windows.  Suggestions from Windows users are
particularly desirable and any contributions for this environment would
be appreciated.

The main page has a link to SATK on github.  Use github to
report problems, issues, etc. or this group.  Either will get to me.

Thanks and Happy Bare-Metal'ing,
Harold Grovesteen

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