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André Kritzinger

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Hi All,


Auction 131 closed today and all except four of the loco and rolling stock lots were sold.  These were:


Lot 4: 3 wagons at Port Shepstone, KZN, (also unsold at Sale 130)

Lot 14: 2 wagons at Noupoort, NC, (also unsold at Sale 130)

Lot 64: 7 derailed wagons at Groenheuwel, WC, (also unsold at Sale 130)

Lot 81: 2 locos (20-089 & 34-075) collision damage) at Flonker, EC.  (Only 20-089 was included in Sale 130 (as unsold Lot 81)).  The highest bid price was R107,500 which did not meet the reserve.  My thanks to John Middleton who provided me with details of the accident as follows:


“These locos were those involved in the horrendous Flonker accident 18/8/2016 when an unmanned 34.075 ran away from a loop further up the line (it had failed and been parked - still havn't seen any explanation as to why it wasn't chocked or why it ran away) and crashed at very high speed into 20089 on a train of ore empties. 20089 was actually on a driver training run and there were 4 people in the cab, it was stationary at the time and 3 managed to jump and were injured but the young trainee driver was killed.”


Prices realised varied between R1,438/t (Lot 21, 1 derailed wagon at Pendoring, Brits, NW) and R6,222/t (Lot 31, 15 Class 7E locos at Richards Bay).  The average return was R3,677/t.


I mentioned in my previous email that the 7E locos in Lot 31 were of the 7E1 and 7E3 variants. Having taken a closer look at the pics I see that examples of 7E4 are also included (rebuilds of 7E3’s with Hitachi microprocessor control and improved rheostatic brakes), along with E7253 and E7255 classified as 7E6. This latter classification is not included in the amendments to John Middleton’s book and amendment lists (presumably done later), so I would be grateful if John, or anyone else, can let us know  the differences of a 7E6.



Peter Bagshawe


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Subject: TFR Go-Dove Auction 131 of 26 October


Hi All,


This auction closes on 26 October and is the usual mixture of wagons with a few locomotives thrown in.  It includes the following five lots which remained unsold from Sale 130:


Lot 3: was for 36 wagons at Cambridge, East London, EC, but is now increased to 88 wagons plus some side frames and bolsters.

Lot 4: 3 wagons at Port Shepstone, KZN

Lot 14: 2 wagons at Noupoort, NC

Lot 64: 7 derailed wagons at Groenheuwels, WC

Lot 81: Accident victim 20 089 (stripped internally) at Flonker, EC.  However, there is an addition to this one of a badly mangled 34 075, presumably part of the same accident. Their wheels and bogies are not included in the Sale.


Other locos included in the Sale are:


Lot 31: 15 Class 7E locos at Richards Bay (actually 7E1 & 7E3 variants) being sold with bogies. 7103/17/24/36/39/45/50/253/55/60/62/66/72/83/96 are shown as being partially stripped (traction motors, transformers and cubicles are missing from some locos).


Lot 43: 1 Class 10E1 loco (10161) at Koedoespoort, GP, partially stripped and being sold without bogies (it’s on carry bogies).


One service coach is included in the Sale – Lot 23 which covers 14815 at Heidelberg, GP, which is being sold with its bogies.


A few of the Lots cover derailed wagons.


Lot 17, which covered 9 wagons and 5 tankers at Welgedacht, Springs, GP, which was on display last night had gone by this evening, presumably withdrawn for some reason.


Finally, Lot 167 covers a “Rail Cart” at Transnet, Esselen Park, GP. However this is not wagon which runs on rails (it seems to have solid rubber tyres) so was presumably for carrying rails.



Peter Bagshawe



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