Re: Takbok & Arnoster - what will follow.

André Kritzinger

Leith also came up with an enticing proposal.
But I’m moeg and need a break...
André, Cape Town
Converted from Horribly Oversized to Nano in 1978

Sent: 13 August, 2017 09:44
Subject: Re: [sar-l] Takbok & Arnoster - what will follow.

Now that Col Andre’s wonderful series on SA Engines has perhaps “run out of steam” or more correctly exhausted the supply of loco types, perhaps he can be enticed to commence with the various special vehicles that have or were used on SAR tracks and then to progress onto carriage and truck categories.

I really looked forward to his loco presentations on each issue and an going into withdrawal syndrome and he has a wonderful supply of pictures that bears sharing – one by one.


What do you think Andre?




John Sparkman

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