History by Locomotive 307

André Kritzinger

History by Locomotive no. 307 - 1975
* The FNLA asks South Africa for 40 to 50 artillery pieces to assist their cause in the Angolan Civil War.
* The South African government announces that it will provide all Black children with free and compulsory education.
* The first Cuban forces join Russian personnel in Angola to assist the MPLA who controls less than a quarter of Angolan territory.
* The United States, Zaire and Zambia request South Africa to train and support the FNLA and UNITA.
* South Africa invades Angola in Operation Savannah in support of the FNLA and UNITA.
* Koevoet, the South West African Police Counter-Insurgency Unit, is established.
* The United States Congress approves the Clark Amendment, ending aid to the FNLA and UNITA.
* A SAAF Cessna 185 is shot down south of Ebo, Angola, killing three SADF officers.
* SAN frigates evacuate 26 SADF personnel from behind enemy lines at Ambrizete north of Luanda.
André, Cape Town
Converted from Horribly Oversized to Nano in 1978

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