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Hi Andre,
As an aside, one of the first duties of the class 31 was to take over the shunt duties at Milner Park. Complaints had been received from the Tennis players at the club about the cinders being deposited on the All-Weather courts. Apparently a few ladies had slipped on the cinders whilst playing Tennis, landing up in a very un-lady like fashion!
Les S.

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No. 281 - 1958
* The USS Nautilus becomes the first vessel to cross the North Pole under water.
* H.F. Verwoerd becomes the 6th Prime Minister of South Africa.
* Penny Coelen is crowned as Miss World 1958, the first South African to win the title.
* General Charles de Gaulle is elected president of France with 78.5% of the votes.
* Rebels under Che Guevara invade Santa Clara, Cuba and President Batista resigns two days later.
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