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Peter Stow

Hi André,

The square-ended series 5 class 5E1’s started with 946. As far as I remember this was recorded in S.A Rail at the time. So in other words, the first 25 locomotives of the series had rounded fronts while the balance of 200 had the squared corners similar to the class 6E’s.

Ashley is correct that when locomotives of lower series were involved in collisions and the fronts needed rebuilding, this was to be done to the latest design, even though the other end of the locomotive would possibly differ if not damaged.




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Hi Andre -


I do know that some of the round-fronted Class 5E1 units were changed to flat-fronted following accident repairs so these could have been out of sequence older units with square fronts fitted later.







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Back when I wrote their Wiki articles, I deduced that the change in the Class 5E1 body shape from rounded corners to squared corners occurred on the Class 5E1 Series 5 somewhere between no. E941, which had rounded corners, and E948, which had squared corners, based on pictures I took of them and a bunch of others at Ladysmith shortly before they were sold.

Then Les Pivnic came up with a picture of
Class 5E1 Series 4 no. 869 and one other, both with squared corners, in Soul of A Railway. See picture 30 in


In every other picture I’ve ever seen of Class 5E1 Series 1 to 4, all of them had rounded corners and only the higher numbers of Series 5 (E948 and up) had squared corners. I asked oom Les, but he has no idea when exactly the new look began. Does any of you know when (from which number) the change in body shape happened exactly and whether it was done on a test basis on some more Series 4 units before the squared corners finally became the permanent new look?


Peter Stow, Leith, can one of you you perhaps help?


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