Re: History by Locomotive 266

André Kritzinger

I’ve been wondering about the identity of the loco in the background as well. The bushes and undergrowth in the background is not typical of the usual factory picture, though, and looks rather South African. It could even be cosmos on the ground there...
André, Cape Town
Converted from Horribly Oversized to Nano in 1978

Sent: 06 May, 2017 14:49
Subject: Re: [sar-l] History by Locomotive 266
The photo of the DS at the top of the article shows a very un-South African loco next to it! Les Pivnic says he thinks it was taken at the German factory in 1938.
Regarding the fate of the loco, I saw it standing at Braamfontein in about 1960. Perhaps it and the DS1 were transferred there together. I never saw either of them running.
John Faulkner


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