Syntropic Antioxidative Microbes (SAM): Probiotic Microbes (VP)

SAM Probiotic Microbes (VP)
This list group is a continuation of the SAM-Applications group and the SAM-Ormus list groups at Yahoo Groups that were operated by Vinny Pinto for 15+ years until the Oct. 2019 down-scaling of Yahoo Groups. Vinny is a mystic, spiritual teacher/guide, spiritual healer, and a multi-disciplinary consulting and R&D scientist/engineer.
The primary focus of this list group is to discuss topics in the realms of the highly beneficial probiotic microbes known as syntropic antioxidative (and often anti-entropic) microbes, aka SAM, and particularly the near-magical probiotic microbial group known as purple non-sulfur bacteria (PNSB), particularly Rhodopseudomonas palustris and various Rhodobacter and Rhodoplanes species, including, as relevant, discussion and use of 16S rRNA genomic sequencing (along with other types of genomic sequencing)  for identification of bacteria present in the microbiome of various high-end probiotic nutritional supplements.. You may learn far more about syntropic anitoxidative microbes, aka SAM microbes, at the website that Vinny has created about SAM microbes; the URL is listed elsewhere on this page.
While the name and description of this list group are publicly listed at and on search engines, all posts sent to the list group are private, and are viewable by list group members only. This is a moderated list group. Further, all applicants wishing to join the list group must state their reasons for wishing to join along with their name and general location, and all posts sent to the list group must be signed with the poster's first and last name in order to be published. We do not tolerate hate posts, and we do not tolerate trolls, nor troll posts.

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