Trapeza team to choose either buy precooked food or cook - see Sisterhood's suggested main food menu items (spreadsheet shows quantities and current cost)

Matushka Patricia Whiteford

Dear Church Family,

Kara expressed that she is too overwhelmed with all her duties, and she can no longer keep buying the main trapeza food items (e.g. bread, lunchmeat, juice boxes, cookies, etc.) each week.

With our current church growth, we need to let each trapeza team to take charge of either buying precooked food or cooking homemade food from now on.

Our current rotation is once every 4 months.  I will continue to recruit new parishioners to participate, so we can spread it to once every 5 months.  If you wish to host on a specific date, please let me know.

Since we have tried the Sisterhood's pre-purchased main food menu, we have gained some sense of what kind of food to buy/provide at a budget, especially for those who don't want to cook. I also have quite a few families who expressed their wish to cook.  

Kara had put together a spreadsheet as suggestions and reference.  Each trapeza hosting team can choose from one of the tried menu and buy all the food.  Her price chart is based on Sam's Club's current prices.  Unfortunately, inflation is what we will be up against in the future.  My team chose to cook and managed to do our last trapeza for less than $100.00.

* Each trapeza team still needs to buy salad (minimum 6 boxes of 16 oz. size mixed salad) and fruit.

** Each team decides to buy juice boxes or not (Not Required). We can all drink water.

*** Dessert is optional (Not Required).  We have been blessed with Panera Bread's donation, so we usually have too much dessert any way.

Most people have Sam's Club memberships, so I am sure at least one person on each team can buy from Sam's Club OR buy items from local grocery stores when they are on sale.

Please pray for God's wisdom to guide us as we grow and serve Him.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions.

In Christ,
Matushka Patricia