New Icon, Portrait, and a Moleben

Archpriest John Whiteford

Hello Folks,

I received in the mail yesterday an Icon and portrait of St. Jonah which had belonged to Helen Theodoridis, who knew St. Jonah, and had a hand in promoting his glorification. The icon was made around the time of St. Jonah's glorification, and is almost identical to the Icon we have on our iconostasis (though that its a photographic reproduction, and this is a hand painted icon), and may have been produced by the same iconographer, from the looks of it. The portrait was made in China, and traveled to Australia and then to the US. She passed away in 2001, and her granddaughter wanted us to have them. Since we will be making a very important decision about the purchase of additional land next Sunday, and also in thanksgiving for these gifts, we will do a moleben to St. Jonah on Sunday, after Trapeza, at around 1:00 p.m.

Archpriest John Whiteford
St. Jonah Orthodox Church
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