Moleben of Thanksgiving

Fr. David Companik

Dear Parish Family,
As you probably know, some of us in the parish contracted COVID-19 at different times and places and have since recovered. I will serve a short Moleben of Thanksgiving this Tuesday at 6 PM (prior to the Vigil at 6:30 PM) to give thanks to God for our return to health. This service was rescheduled from today as there were other activities scheduled after Liturgy.

Glory to God! Fr. Ben was just telling me by phone that Matushka Margarita has miraculously improved today. She called him from the hospital and spoke with him, and he was amazed at how well she is feeling now. Please continue your prayers on her behalf. Fr. Ben has recovered and is taking a few more days to fully recuperate. He plans to return to church on Sunday.

In Christ,
Rev. David Companik
Assistant Priest
St. Jonah Orthodox Church
2910 Spring Cypress Rd.
Spring, TX 77388