Commemorations for the Past Two Weeks

Archpriest John Whiteford

Hello Folks,

I left some commemorations in the e-bulletin. Here is the correct list:

The Newly Illumined Leonid Galtzine and his sponsor, Vladimir.

Anastasia Martynenko’s Birthday; Victoria Chebotko & Victoria Gutzke’s Name day – Thursday, April 29th.

Agustin and Ruth Rafaelano & Tatiana and Guillermo Sierra’s Wedding Anniversary– Friday, April 30th.

Matrona Marsh’s Name Day – Sunday, May 2nd.

Fr. Sergei Baranov’s ordination anniversary / Barrett Nathaniel Mahand’s Name Day – Wednesday, May 5th.

Matushka Sara Shephard and John Watts’ Birthday /Adriana & Barrett Nathaniel Mahand's Anniversary / George Williams, George Nahlous, Aleksandra Murphy & Alexandra Galitzine's Name day – Thursday, May 6th.

Christine Bruner’s Birthday – Friday, May 7th.

Marco Maldonado’s Name day – Saturday, May 8th.

Rassophore-Monk David Mahand’s Birthday; Tomas Maldonado, Eric (Thomas) Lickwar & Tomas Charytoniuk’s Name day – Sunday, May 9th.

Archpriest John Whiteford
St. Jonah Orthodox Church
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