Thank You!

Archpriest John Whiteford

Dear Saint Jonah family,

Because of you we had a beautiful wedding and reception. That was the happiest day of our lives and you all had a tremendous part in making it so. You all contributed to making our special day beautiful and filled with wonderful memories. It took an incredible amount of generosity, kindness, and enthusiasm to create such a fun and spectacular day and it was a dream come true for us.

Whether you were involved with planning, or you volunteered your special skills or belongings, or just showed up with a hug and a smile ready to have a good time…Every single one of you will forever be in our hearts with an immense amount of gratitude. You showed us what it is to be part of a church community who really cares, a family who transcends blood, and how true Christians show up for one another.

God bless you!!!
Love, Hannah and Mike