[S4f] Australian S4F seek signatures for a statement linking australian bushfires and anthropogenic climate change.

Peters Jens

Dear all,
I forward you this message without further comments..

We have a S4F international group and one of our members is an australian scientists. They invite us to sign their statement on the australian bush fires.​

(Internal remark: Friederike Otto tweetet some days ago that they have started an official attribution study on the australien bushfires).​

The scientific community in Australia prepared a statement outlining the links between the Australian bushfires and anthropogenic climate change. It is now available for signing. Below is the message that we are sending to invite (Australian and international) experts to co-sign, with the statement and how to sign.

Dear colleagues,

We, a group of Australian research scientists with expertise across the fields of climate, weather and fire science, have drafted a statement outlining the scientific knowledge on how anthropogenic climate change affects bushfires in Australia. The statement includes information on the conditions that contributed to the extreme fire season this year, and has an overarching message that climate change mitigation is needed alongside adaptation measures and resilience building if we are to limit further intensification of Australia’s bushfire risk.

A​ summary statement​ (https://docs.google.com/document/d/10KT9TmDYEpkpHzOm3m_bv3TEmig_uQn68-h_KSDG7nw/edit) will be used as a press release, and is linked to a​ full statement​ (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A7wHBRmZE9AWWn7v15dAIhQbnETmGRXAQjINZw5o-q8/edit) outlining the scientific basis.

The statement is available for co-signing by scientists who have published at least one peer reviewed paper in a relevant field (e.g. in the broadly defined fields of climate, weather or fire). If you meet this criteria, we invite you to co-sign the statement.​

This link (https://forms.gle/XFfx1CqjW1ivj29T7) takes you to the form to co-sign. We intend for the statement to communicate the scientific basis and need for action, and the accompanying list of signatories to demonstrate the consensus of expert opinion.​

This statement is addressed to Australian politicians and will be announced via a media release this Sunday 2nd February. The form will close at 5pm Eastern Australian (Sydney) time on Saturday 1st February. Please share with other relevant people in your network.

Thank you for reading!
Tanya Lippmann (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Nerilie Abram (Australian National University), Jason Sharples (UNSW), Matthias Boer (Western Sydney University), Hamish Clarke (University of Wollongong and Western Sydney University), Katrin Meissner (UNSW), Alex Sen Gupta (UNSW), Ben Henley (Monash University/University of Melbourne)

Google Docs

Expert statement on Australian bushfires and climate change

This statement outlines the scientific basis for the links between climate change and bushfires in Australia, and a call for action to limit further climate warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The statement has been drafted by a team of scientists with expertise across the fields of climate, weather and fire science in Australia. We welcome co-signatories by other practising scientists with expertise in these fields. A link to the summary statement to is here. We intend to circulate the summary to the media: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10KT9TmDYEpkpHzOm3m_bv3TEmig_uQn68-h_KSDG7nw/edit?usp=sharing A link to full statement on the scientific basis is here. A link to the full st…

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