Re: Sharing Reaper audio over Teams / Zoom?

Steve Nutt


Here you go, here's my tutorial from the Dropbox, thanks to Patrick Purdue for showing me how to do it:-

In your VOIP software, set input to the master input or master mix channel. Now its input will be the sum of all of your outputs that are set to record.

In Reaper, set your track's output to the physical channel that you have your mic plugged into instead of sending it to the master. In my case, I use Channel 1.

Now set Channel 1 (or whichever channel you're using) as a USB return, if you have such a button. On the Soundcraft Signature MTK boards, you'll find the USB Return button for each channel located just underneath the gain pot (the topmost pot on each channel strip). On any channels that have a 100Hz roll-off feature there are two buttons beneath gain, USB Return is the one on the right.

Once the routing has been taken care of, arm the track that's taking its input from your mic (F7) and set monitoring to "normal" (F8).

Make sure Reaper is using ASIO and that sample rates match everywhere.

That should do it!

Kudos to Steve Nutt for writing this up, and a hat-tip to Patrick Perdue for showing him the ropes.

Scott typed it up, so I have corrected some misspellings here. 😊

All the best

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Subject: [rwp] Sharing Reaper audio over Teams / Zoom?

Hi all.

I may be doing a demo of Reaper usage over Teams in a few weeks.
Apologies, as I know this has probably been covered a load of times but can someone give me a pointer how I can do this?

My set up is this.

I have my main interface which is the signature 12mtk

A secondary interface for screenreader speech and general Windows audio

I currently physically route the secondary one into the 12mtk so I can
hear everything there.

The secondary interface is my default interface.

Is it time to get to grips with virtual audio cable to do this?


Chris Turner

Soundtrack, electronic, synthwave. LostDroid, in all the usual places and;

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