Re: Could 1 click mastering ever be included with Reaper?

Jason Merrington

Hi Eduardo. I agree that it would certainly be optimal if one has the time, and training and ability to understand all forms of sound dimension, for instance, mastering to surround sound, car stereos with tweeters and woofers, stage PA's, radio, streaming platforms, and headphones, it would be awesome if you are able and I tip my hat to your ability. I think for the average busy musician who isn't quite as technically savvy the one click, or chain mode as you mention would be nice to have available. However, one song is usually so diverse from another, or one style is demanding one type of masterijng, while another style demands something entirely different, so I concede, at this point anyway until the future robots can just somehow do it all, it seems best to let a pro do it. One instant use however of your pre programmed chain idea I can forsee would be if you just wanted to share a quick file with someone if you're trying to get them interested in your work, at least the chain mastered version would be loud enough for all to hear. Have a great weekend. Send me a link sometime if you'd like to one of your songs and I'll enjoy listening.

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