Re: Sharing Reaper audio over Teams / Zoom?

Darion Jaikaran

No probs.. message me off list if you need one on one assistance or just to test it out, make sure everything’s working as planned.

On Apr 25, 2021, at 12:48 PM, Chris Turner via <ultimatethesecond@...> wrote:

Thanks. If it’s that simple, I will set up a couple of tests.

Chris Turner
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On 25 Apr 2021, at 17:21, Darion Jaikaran <darionjaikaran@...> wrote:

Here’s how its done:
1. Start a zoom meeting.
2. Click share screen.
3. By default it’ll be set to basic, click on basic and it’ll change to advanced.
4. Once set to advanced, you’ll see the option to share computer audio.
This’ll take all of your computer’s sound and send it over zoom.
I used the word click because I’m not on windows and have no idea how the interface’s controls are presented…
But it’s simple, you’ll figure it out.

On Apr 25, 2021, at 11:47 AM, Chris Turner via <ultimatethesecond@...> wrote:

Hi all.

I may be doing a demo of Reaper usage over Teams in a few weeks. Apologies, as I know this has probably been covered a load of times but can someone give me a pointer how I can do this?

My set up is this.

I have my main interface which is the signature 12mtk

A secondary interface for screenreader speech and general Windows audio

I currently physically route the secondary one into the 12mtk so I can hear everything there.

The secondary interface is my default interface.

Is it time to get to grips with virtual audio cable to do this?


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