Release of CAVI's audio content for free an explanation

Kerry Hoath <kerry@...>

For those of you who do not know what this is all about the Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired has released all their audio course content for free for anyone who wishes to obtain it at

If getting your hands on high quality audio course material without spending any money is all you are after then click the above link and enjoy the free resources.

If you appreciate the material we would be extremely thankful if you made a donation to the Academy to help us stay running. Fact is so many other people want donations and we know that perhaps you choose to spend your money somewhere else or on something else.

People have asked the question as to why have all these resources been released to the community and what were the reasons for doing this?

Here is the definitive summary from the person who released the resources.

As many may know, the last audio course taught by the academy was delivered in Semester 1 of 2017 with material from 2016 semester 2 and live lectures.

After this semester our previous audio instructors were offered higher paying jobs with ICMusic to deliver training through their company to interested people.

The academy lost support for the courses that we were delivering and we could not adequately provide assistance to student queries.

We sold some archives to interested people and provided what support we could.

Once it was clear that nobody was interested in teaching these courses through the academy, I had a number of options as to what I could do with all the content that had taken our instructors thousands of hours of work to generate.

All instructors were informed that any work they did for the academy remained the property of the academy and we retained rights in all the content. this is fairly typical for most employment arrangements.

Derek did offer to buy the material from us for a price, however CAVI never set a price and no arrangements were ever made.

I discussed with my boss the idea of releasing the material to the community in order to solve the lack of support for the courses.

I was given the go ahead to release the material for free to the world at large in the hopes that we might generate a small amount of funding for the academy through donations and also to make more people aware of the type of work that the academy did.

As the produced material was the property of the academy, we made an administrative decision to release all content as-is to the net at large.

None of the audio instructors were consulted as at this point, none of them worked for the organisation.

We would like to thank our team of audio instructors and all of our incredible students who put so much work into these resources.

Without their contributions and a desire to contribute to the community at large we would not have what we are able to release today.

We wish ICMusic the best with their future plans and hope our previous instructors go on to continue to make a difference getting paid far more than we paid them.

the material has now been released and is on more hard drives than the mind can comfortably comprehend.

The material is released in the state it was in in June of 2017.

It is released as is and we take no responsibility for errors or problems in the material.

Whilst we believed at the time that these resources were some of the best audio courses available, still many people refused to pay for the courses for a variety of reasons.

Once the courses were abandoned by the instructors we felt it was far better to let the community who was always clamouring for good Reaper resources to have access to what our instructors had built.

We ended up releasing 2 Reaper courses, a GoldWave course and a Music composition with Reaper midi course.

What happens from here depends on what the community decides to do with the information.

Our Wiki containing all the notes should be online for the foreseeable future.

The audio is hosted on a stable server.

Perhaps people would consider moving the valuable notes across to if they feel information is more likely to be maintained there.

Our wiki is posted on PMWiki and is hosted on mediawiki so the process will not be straight forward.

Whatever happens from here on in, I hope people find the resources useful and helpful on the journey to learn reaper.

The hard fact is that the majority of people are happy to consume resources and not to produce them.

I hope that these resources will be a catalyst to those who have been hesitating about creating resources to get their toes wet.

We have no further plans at this time to release any more free course content than what is currently out there.

May those who have been struggling with Reaper or Midi find this material to be some of the help they require.

If you want to know what our academy does please see

I hope this message has been enlightening.

Regards, Kerry.

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