Reapers Without Peepers

This is Reapers Without Peepers, an accessibility-focused group for users of the REAPER DAW.
The Laws of the List:
1. Please keep REAPER usage as the central focus of your questions, answers, or anything else you post. The furthest off topic we go here is still expected to be at least related to REAPER. Put #OT at the beginning of your subject line for any such posts, and again, remember it's expected that posts marked #OT will still be of interest to REAPER users. If you're in any doubt as to whether a post is appropriate, email for clearance before posting. Topics that don't meet these guidelines may be locked or removed.
2. RWP is a welcoming, supportive and respectful patch of electric land. Please do your utmost to treat everyone equally, irrespective of race, gender, sexuality, politics and religion. That's not an exhaustive list, but hopefully it covers enough ground to illustrate that we do our best to be fair round these parts.

3. Sharing what you've made using REAPER is always welcome, as is constructive feedback so that we can all learn from each other's experience. Please start your subject line with #feedback for these posts.

4. Do not encourage or openly partake in software piracy. This applies to Reaper itself, but also extends to plug-ins, instruments, sample libraries and all other forms of software. If sharing abandonware, please cite at least one source from its retired developer or a source with similar credibility. Remember that everything you post here is openly archived.

5. If it becomes necessary for a moderator to intervene, the first step will be a warning on list (these are kept on list purely for transparency). If multiple warnings are ignored, then moderated status will be applied. Removal from the group is a last resort. Your moderators are Jayson (for most technical matters) and Scott (for the everyday stuff). Messages sent to will reach both of them.

Helpful Links:
Reaper can be downloaded from
OSARA: Open Source Accessibility for the Reaper Application can be downloaded from:
SWS (a handy set of extensions that make Reaper even smarter) can be downloaded from
A wiki containing documentation and resources specific to screen reader users can be found at

Thanks for stopping by. Dive in, don't be shy!

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