Reapers Without Peepers

This is Reapers Without Peepers, a list where users of the Reaper DAW who require accessibility to get stuff done can discuss it.
A few helpful links:
Reaper can be downloaded from
OSARA: Open Source Accessibility for the Reaper Application can be downloaded from:
SWS (a handy set of extensions that make Reaper even smarter) can be downloaded from
A stellar effort to document all this good stuff specifically from a screen reader users perspective can be found at
Discussion of Reaper, OSARA, ReaEar, ReaAccess, or any other method of increasing the accessibility of Reaper in any OS is welcome here.
A few simple list laws:
DO: post on topic messages, help whoever with whatever whenever you can, respect your fellow humans, and generally be cool.
DON'T: post shockingly off topic messages, encourage piracy, racism, start/partake in flames, or anything similarly uncool.
Your moderators are Jayson and Scott. Thanks for stopping by!

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