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Jamie Orr

There is a file- it's called runsignup_fields_mapping.ini and is located in the race folder in Runscore. However, if you've already done a download of data (and mapped fields), you may end up having to delete the file, then re-open the race so you can re-map the fields.

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On Tue, Oct 22, 2019 at 12:45 PM 'Dennis Joffe' dennis@... [runscore] <runscore@...> wrote:

I feel like there is a RSU file in runscore that has to have school name added.


here is the listing file:

Comment             Overall Results


RunSignUp Event     %1

Results Category    Boys Varsity Overall Results 5K

Results To          runsignup

select Event        time

GE                  0:00


select              event

EQ                  1

field               External_id

field               No.

Field Header        BIB

field               first name

field               last name

Field               gender

field               school

field               divpla

Field               divtoT

FIELD               genpla

FIELD               gentot

Field               divplace

Field               div

Field               city

Field               state

* Add in the split time

event               SPLIT

Minus               scratch

* finish time

Event               time

minus               %guntime_M%

field header        Chip Time

* chip time

event               time

minus               %guntime_M%

field header        Clock Time


Pace                3.1069

no sort


This is whats being sent up to RSU:






school is not loading



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How are you sending results? Right-click and send to RunScore Results? Or are you using native results? With either one you should be able to upload what you want.


Send your question to support@... and send your race file and tell us what you want to do.




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Yes.  Runscore results won’t let me send up special fields like school or team. Or at least I can’t figure it out. 

Dennis Joffe 

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On Oct 21, 2019, at 9:36 PM, Josh SST josh@... [runscore] <runscore@...> wrote:




To clarify you want to auto run a listing to send results to runsignup?




On Oct 21, 2019, at 3:06 PM, 'Dennis Joffe' dennis@... [runscore] <runscore@...> wrote:


How do I change the results loading from Runscore results to Runsignup results?


Dennis Joffe
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