Re: FT-4 too fast?

Dick- K9OM

After working FT-4 many times, for several reasons I'd prefer that FT-4 had a 10-second duration.  One reason is because even when both Ops are using clock synchronization software their clocks often differ by quite a bit.  Another reason is because a 10-second duration would allow for the FT-4 software to decode weaker signals and that's very important especially when working a DX contest.  Also, when doing "search and pounce" with FT4 it's very difficult to make a Qso on the first call and I'm thinking it would be a great deal more possible with 10-second intervals.    

Dick- K9OM   

As per Shelby, I also feel that FT4 is just too quick for its’ own good, in that you won’t be able to select a call to work and click on it immediately, meaning you will have to wait for the next call, but which time, they are probably working someone else.


On 20m, the band is often packed with overlapping contacts, and I have found that WSJT doesn’t appear to decode these frequencies. I have to wonder who well it will work in a contest environment, especially given that 20m (and possibly 40m) will be the prime bands for contacts in any contest with the current state of the solar cycle.


Just my observations over the last week or so on FT4….


73 de Phil GU0SUP

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