XR0ZRC Frequencies

Don Hill AA5AU

Anyone know if the XR0ZRC DXpedition has listed any FT8 frequencies? The
information on their website is very limited and does not contain
frequencies. By chance I found them on 7.056 FT8 last night but they faded
when I moved the antenna although I don't have any information to suggest it
was a pirate. Just weird they were strong the first time I decoded them
(+2), moved the antenna and they were weaker (-15). Moved the antenna back
to where it originally was and they were gone. Several stateside stations
continued to make contacts. I stayed a bit then went QRT.

They were not using Fox & Hound. They were using a derivative of WSJT-X
which was probably from JTDX or similar. They were transmitting on the ODD
cycle which was a dead giveaway they weren't using F&H. I'm hoping to work
them on 80 and 160 FT8.

BTW, while monitoring 7.056 this evening, see a couple stations calling
7P8LB on FT8. No copy here.


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