New real-time contest interface between WSJT-X and N1MM+

Larry K8UT <k8ut@...>

For folks planning to operate FT8 in next weekend's RTTY Roundup contest, today's weekly Update of N1MM+ includes a new bi-directional real-time interface between the WSJT-X_v2 Band Activity (Rx) Window and an N1MM+ contest log.

This new feature, coded by Rick N2AMG, opens a "WSJT Decode List" dialog window that contains up-to 30 callsigns heard in the WSJT-X Band Activity (Rx) panel. The callsigns are color-coded based on the N1MM+ default color pattern: dupe (grey), normal (black), mult (blue), double-mult (red). Callsigns displayed in the WSJT-X Band Activity panel are similarly color-coded. Contest contacts logged in WSJT-X are recorded in both WSJT-X's log and the N1MM+ log.

As fas as I know, this is the only contest-enabled interface with WSJT-X that provides an instantaneous display of callsign priorities within the WSJT-X Rx window. IMHO... this is pretty slick. ;-)

Please keep in mind that this is a rev 1.0.0 release. Although several of us on the N1MM Dev Team have been experimenting with WSJT Decode List there may be some hidden gotchas that we have not encountered. Worth noting is a UDP port conflict between JTAlert and WSJT Decode List - you must close JTAlert to permit UDP Reporting Packets to flow from WSJT-X to N1MM+. We expect this conflict to get solved, but not before next weekend's RTTY RU contest.

-larry (K8UT)

Here's a poor screenshot, lacking what would be - in a live contest - active coloring of dupes, normals, and mults. This display shows all callsigns in the WSJT Rx panel as blue (mults) - which is technically accurate but a poor example of the feature. <sorry>

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