Re: RQuantLib v4.0.0 for Ubuntu 20

John Paul Broussard

Yep.  I now see how my replies look like I am not providing new information, because I was not...  My bad.

I actually figured it out, though, and only though an attempt to "purge" QuantLib's install.

Let me see if I can answer your questions:
"_How_ did you install QuantLib?"

I was following the steps found here:

Problem was, the tar referenced by that page contains the latest version of QuantLib, 1.18.  For whatever reason, though, some of my libquantlib* builds were for 1.17, so apparently, there was a conflict of some sort. When I uninstalled completely, e.g. "purged," and started from fresh, and then reinstalled, RQuantLib finally went all the way to install completion.

So, user error on my part... I suppose sometimes I need to take a look at the build versions to insure they are the latest, or at least referencing the same version.

Thanks for all the patience with this Dirk. I am converting over to Linux (using Ubuntu), so I am learning new things daily. Your videos on using the system are helping LOTS. Some of the "simple" things I used to know when I taught myself DOS 30+ years ago, are now becoming handy...

Thanks again for everything.

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