Group email for River of Life Christian Church (ROLCC) at Santa Clara, California.
Postings by group members are welcomed. All postings are moderated according to the following community rules:
1. We welcome all "classified" type postings, such as car for sale, room for rent, job opening, furniture for sale, job seeking, etc..
2. Posting that do not conform to Christian values will not be approved.
3. Postings that are overtly political will not be approved.
4. Postings that are overtly commercial or implying personal commercial gains will not be approved.
5. Postings that attack any person or group will not be approved.
6. Postings that promote non-ROLCC events or programs will not be approved, unless the submitter acquires prior approval from the church office (email your request to 
7. Postings that ask for funds or intend to fundraise without prior approval of ROLCC office will not be approved.
8. Members who violate the above rules will be banned from posting in the future.
9. ROLCC reserves the right to approve or decline postings at its discretion, without obligation nor liability. 
If you agree to the above policies, you're welcome to join and use this email group. The email group hopes aims to serve the ROLCC community. Thank you for observing the above guidelines.
River of Life Christian Church Office

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