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This Robust Packet Radio Group is devoted to supporting and advancing the use of Robust Packet (RP) radio protocol and gear on the HF bands. This includes the following RP enabled modems:

SCS PTC controllers that support RP.
SCS DR-7400 & DR-7800 Dragon Pactor modems with RP enabled firmware.
WinRPR software modem

We are not a general packet radio or Pactor group. Other groups exist to serve those interests.
If you are an amateur radio operator interested in experimenting with the HF Robust Packet radio protocol, feel free to join up. Most discussion revolves around HF RP APRS, RP BBS systems, RP keyboarding/chat, and related software. This mailing list is open but restricted* to licensed amateur radio operators.

10.1473 MHz USB dial is the primary global RP APRS frequency. There are several full-time I-gates active on this QRG in NOAM and EU, but more are needed.

North American non-APRS activity is usually on 3.598, 7.103, 10.132, 10.1455, 14.105, 14.108, 21.098 and 28.148 MHz. These QRGs are all USB dial assuming RP standard CF of 1500 Hz. Other frequencies are in use, but these are the most commonly used in N. America.

NOTE 1:  Keep content clean, family friendly, and relevant to robust packet radio operations/gear. No politics or religious discussions allowed. Vigorous respectful debate is one thing, but personal attacks will get you banned.

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