Re: Graphene oxide vaccinations

James M K

Link went public on facebook. Thanks.

On Wed, May 4, 2022 at 5:20 PM Pamela via <> wrote:
Thank you for that information on graphene oxide in the vaccines. I have been suspecting that the 5G network had something to do with the self assembling nano tech that has been reportedly found in the Covid vax and that I’ve heard so much about. The video from Jeffrey Prather ( ) with the military lawyer and former green beret/special ops soldier confirmed many of my concerns. These military men both agreed that the vaccine also contains the Marburg virus encapsulated in tiny polymer covered capsules that the body cannot assimilate or digest but can be burst by 3-1 minute 18ghz blast from the 5G network.  If that is true, then we should expect outbreaks of Marburgs, Ebola or some other hemorrhagic virus sometime in the near future and in various parts of the world.

Does anyone have a frequency protocol specific to Ebola and/or marburgs . I know that there are frequencies listed in the universal frequency list for hemorrhagic fever but I was wondering if there is something more specific that is well known and effective for Ebola and Marburg.

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