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James M K

Ham Radio operators are using frequencies 1.8 Mhz to 456 Mhz. Phones are using 1.8 Ghz to 5 Ghz. Rife is Maximum 10 Khz only.

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This is what you need. Professional equipment.

On Sun, May 1, 2022 at 1:03 PM Richard <drloyd@...> wrote:
There is a weakness in the Rife Digital. It is limited to 10 Hz steps.

So, for example, it can do 720 Hz and 730 Hz but it can't make 727 Hz.

Almost all Rife devices can do 1 Hz steps. Many can do 0.001 Hz steps.
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Dr. Loyd:

Is this machine a good buy for what it can do?  >

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Researchers discovered that amateur radio license holders experience higher levels of certain cancers than the general population.

I think that high power rf plasma devices should be used for only short run times. Those would be the PERL and the MOPA. EMEM devices do not emit high power rf.
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I looked at the AG 4000 first. I believe this one is better. 


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On Apr 30, 2022, at 8:42 AM, Gary Goodman via <Advancedk@...> wrote:

Do you have a website on this

On Apr 30, 2022, at 9:09 AM, porter <porter@...> wrote:

I've been using my two ProGen 3's for a week with PERL and love it! Quite easy to use, well documented, and great customer support. Am very hopeful it will improve both my and my wife's health. Star Trek technology, for sure. No doubt the Elites use similar technologies. 


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On Apr 30, 2022, at 6:35 AM, Capt Bob via <captbob808@...> wrote:

Sherlock ,
In Nenah’s books the theory and various equipments are explained in much detail , 

In simplistic theory , the Pro Gen 3 is the harmonics generator that produces the harmonic waves , (square , sine , or triangle) which are then carried on a radio frequency  (a consistent frequency) which is broadcast by the PERL M+ unit itself .
The broadcast antenna is a glass tube much like a fluorescent light called a plasma tube.  The harmonics riding on the radio wave allow you to focus on specific pathogens , etc. The harmonics are the key in this type of equipment .

So ,

you need both PERL M and at least one ProGen 3 to function as a working radio frequency Rife machine. Just buying the PERL M doesn’t do any good without the harmonics generator s that’s the ProGen s.  One of the beautiful things of these PERL M machine is the ability to run more than one harmonic frequency generator at a time . Although there is speculation that such produces “dirty waves.” If so it doesn’t seem reduce the success of treatments . I do use many contracting sweeps which may help .

You can also use the ProGen 3 very effectively as a contact device with hand holds or pads etc. as you seem to wish to do .  The contact devices , by theory , generally are considered to be “surface efficient” but are less efficient for pathogens etc deeper inside the body . The radio wave allows the generated harmonics to penetrates all body tissues more efficiently , indeed these harmonics riding the radio wave goes thru
concrete and other solid materials . (However , The radio waves produced by these units are intentionally not strong enough to be very effective on the other side of a concrete wall or at distances over about 25’ as interrupting other peoples TVs , Radios , etc is invasive and frowned upon . A previous similar type unit with a CB radio broadcast I used was not well accepted by neighbors .)
Royal Rife ‘s machines evidently had no problem going thru solid walls . 

The PERL  M can use 3ea ProGen 3’s (or earlier ProGen 2 s)  simultaneously.

The ProGen 3 is a very complete and massively programmed unit with plenty of space
available for your own unique frequencies.

I use 3 of the PoGen 2’s (of earlier times) and often use all 3 at the same time ; even use them on the same harmonic at the same time .  (Setting the 3 ProGens to exactly synchronize on the same harmonic is pretty much beyond the design parameters of these machines , norbsuch synchronizing necessary.)   

I have contemplated getting one of the ProGen 3’s , they simply didn’t have them available when I purchased my units so can’t as yet report on their simplicity of use but  the ProGen 2 is already quite simple to use , and to program if you wish to do so yourself . They have less available space than the 3’s . (On the 2’s You can erase some of the programming to provide more space for your own programs but much thought and research has gone into the programming that comes with them .)

I have heard the 3’s are every bit as good as the 2’s with extensive pre programming and much available programming space .
Res. Light is very proud of them .

I use the machines to help maintain my families’ health and provide “clean protected space” in my home and office . Yes , You can treat as many as can be seated in the effective radius of the broadcast radio frequency much as you can sit around and listen to a radio program . 

It is instructed that one sit between 4 to 12 feet from the units ; I have sat much closer , often , I also have a shielded pacemaker implanted, and have had no problems . Im also a dried out multi war vet who does not injure easily .

12 ‘ seems a bit far as best as I can tell .

Be advised , the older non-shielded pacemakers may be a real problem near this equipment. Even the radio frequency configuration.

BUT.   ABOVE ALL …..    Do NOT use the hand held contact type devices with any pacemaker . Ever .  Some extend that warning to any arrhythmia problems .  
The contact devices can be hard on young children as well . Turn them way down . 


On Apr 29, 2022, at 6:38 PM, Sherlock Holmes via <sovcamllc@...> wrote:

I understand the basic ProGen 3 has the same frequencies as the standard Perl M but with the Perl M you get freedom of movement and you can have more people in the same room getting a treatment?  Is this your same understanding?  What do you think of these machines?  Are they good machines?   I trust you people on this forum to be honest with me even though the person behind these machines may or may not be your competitor.

I would like to buy the ProGen 3 as I think it has the same frequencies as the Perl M and I do not need to buy a machine for a group like the Perl M and I do not need a hands off machine like the Perl M.

Thanks,  Sherlock Holmes

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