Re: Where can I buy cylindrical electrodes and cables?

James M K

I would suggest buying a gold leaf and gold plate connectors and it will never fail and copper never rust. All should be copper. Anything other than copper has higher resistance and you will lose signal (energy) on it. Banana connectors are for metal that can be good quality covered with chromium that has high resistance. All these cables are highly questionable for me. Long time ago banana connectors were made with bronze (copper alloy). Gold and Platinum have lower resistance than copper. High frequencies like 10MHz+ flowing on the skin of a cable, not inside.

On Wed, Jan 26, 2022 at 2:12 PM Nenah Sylver <nenah12egroups@...> wrote:

A friend needs new "hand cylinders with the orange cables attached" for his GB 4000. His health is failing so I'm doing a little research for him. What's a reliable company that can provide these?


Thanks in advance.


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