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James M K

You said that SDG1032X is not thermally controlled although it is 0.1 Hz accurate. This unit is much better than spooky. I do not intend to undermine your business. It is a serious equipment for electronics, not for the average user. I also bought an oscilloscope so the price is not a problem because I use a generator for electronic repairs. All this equipment comes precalibrated. All information about it is in additional pdf files. I released this information for people who have some idea about  electronic equipment. I do not recommend it to the average user at all.

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The Beck unit is not Rife. It pulses and electrocutes tiny things in your blood that don't belong there. It is not specific to any virus etc.

The Spooky XM is an excellent frequency generator per se. but the 50 watt plamsa used with it is a non starter for me. Use it with pads.

Many Rife generators are pretty awful when it comes to frequency accuracy. The program may say 76543.21 Hz but you may be way off in frequency with some pricy units I have tested. A certain GB product comes to mind.
The SDG1032X looks like an impressive unit but has no published specs for the clock generator. For that price I guess it is your average 10 MHz clock that is not thermally controlled nor comes with a calibration certificate. 
The SDG is a pure manual unit and as such is not a true "Rife" machine. All Rife's use an RF carrier so the target freq. makes it into a cell. 
Freqs below 500 KHz get routed around the cell wall.
The beauty of the Spooky is the tremendous Rife database that comes with it that gets updated every two weeks.
John White is a brilliant man for developing this.

Too much info?? I hope someday to have a better solution.

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James M K said "I am planning to buy a generator, very precise  siglentna. com/product/sdg1032x/"   SDG1032X

Comparison chart:
SDG1032X   |  Spooky2-XM
$319.00            $100.00

 30,000 KHz |  25,000 KHz

 None        |   56,000 + FREE

 None        |    1,600 + FREE

The Spooky2 needs to be connected to a computer

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Book Attached.

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It was designed by Dr. Bob Beck originally to kill the AIDS virus. It is beneficial in killing lots of pathogens in your blood. It electrocutes them (with pulsed low voltage) in the blood with two pads or probes you place on your wrist. Now impossible to get as Ebay, Amazon etc don't allow them anymore. I built them for a health gear distributor at one time and have some left. The detox before and after is a must as the virus die off can be severe.
Some folks I know spent time in the pokey for saying how effective they are.
Lots of good Youtube info as well.
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What does this device do?


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