Re: Referral for MMS IV

jenny goodhealth

If I read the table correctly, one drop of activated MMS = one ml of CDH4000.   Thus,  if one usually take 10 drops of sodium chlorite + 10 drops HCl = 20 drops activated MMS, then should take 20 ml of CDH???   Correct? 

On Saturday, October 2, 2021, 06:20:58 PM PDT, tely49 <tely@...> wrote:

Mikel, this is interesting. So this means 1 drop of activated MMS is equal to 2ml of CDH.  That might be a big part of the reason why CDH is easier to take, because if people are assuming 1 activated drop MMS = 1ml CDH, then they're only taking half as much as they think they are!



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