Re: Help! Involuntary movements (nerve jerkings)

jenny goodhealth


On Monday, October 4, 2021, 03:23:18 PM PDT, petetheisen via <petetheisen@...> wrote:

I notice hand and leg jerkiness when my sugar is low. If it is too high
my hands and feet are more steady, but too high is bad in other ways.
Are you on insulin or other diabetes medicine?

On 10/4/21 1:35 AM, jenny goodhealth via wrote:
> What do with the nerve jerkings started on August 12?  Initially,
> started from extremities, now they have spread to arms and legs as well
> as the body, causing involuntary movements.  They are so violent that
> they even woke me up from sleeping a couple of times.   Diagnosed with
> Lyme, mycoplasma fermentan icognitious, Bartonella & babesia.   My guess
> is that mycoplasma fermentan icognitious & may be also Bartonella causes
> the nerve jerking. Blood work over 2 months ago shows low B12 & folic
> acid.   But since then, I have been taking a B12 & B complex daily.
> Does anyone have similar symptoms before.
> Please advise on what to do immediately.
> Thanks
> Jen




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