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Cheryl Hedges

Yes, it is. They are using it in Bolivia and many other countries in Central and South America  to treat and prevent Covid very effectively. The beauty being that CDS does not mess with the stomach like the more acidic versions of MMS. I have found that I can tolerate much higher doses of CDS than I would the equivalent dose in MMS. (CDS is measured in 1ml measurements with 1ml of CDS then mixed with water to drink being equal to1 drop of each part activated MMS with added water.

Everyone's ideal dose is different. It is recommended by those more knowledgeable than myself that we should build slowly. This way, if you see an increase of symptoms due to die off then you can lessen the dose and move forward to higher doses later as tolerated. 

Andreas Kalcker has a lot of videos on Brighteon and does a better job than most in explaining all aspects of CDS use.

Hope you find the relief that you seek!

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Before going with IV, myself and others have opted to make CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) which is pH neutral and avoids the stomach issues caused by using Citric Acid or HCL. I know many who use it with good effects.

Andreas Kalcker's video on how to make it can be seen here:How to make CDS Chlorine Dioxide Solution.

Thanks.   Is CDS as effective is MMS (with either citric acid or HCL?)  Pls advise.  Thanks.  


You can save yourself a lot of trouble and money with CDS.

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i would use CDS (From MMS) 2nd. This is what i would use first: 100% COVID Cured and fast. All of the COVID patients reported significant improvement after the completion of the first 30 minutes of nebulization, including near-immediate improvement in the ease of breathing by those who had the most advanced infections. Food grade H202 Hydrogen Peroxide nebulization overcomes this lack of supplementation access, and it is the only therapy that can resolve COVID as a monotherapy. With 6,000 references about healing. A $15 USB powered cool mist Ultrasonic humidifier and start with 1% food grade H202 Hydrogen Peroxide. Some cool mist are low rate evaporative, buy only the Ultrasonic humidifier.

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Look for medical professionals to do MMS IV or MMS injection in Northern California Bay Area:  Palo Alto, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Mikpitas, San Jose or any neighboring cities in the U.S.   as oral MMS even with HCL causes stomach problems & severe skin issues.  Any referrals?   Thx 

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