Re: Legitimacy of Lyme, mycoplasma, ozone & alternative treatment???

Cheryl Hedges

This reply is slightly off topic but I believe it is very pertinent to your situation. I have spent thousands of dollars in trying to get neuro Lyme under control with little, if any, long term benefit (IV ozone, Rife treatments, antibiotics, herbal biotics, the list is endless). I have recently tried MMS (Chlorine Dioxide produced by mixing a two part solution and then mixing with water to ingest) with far better results and at a very small price.  The Universal Antidote – The Science and Story of Chlorine Dioxide explains this solution in more detail. You would not need a medical professional to oversee the treatment and it is very affordable. I have watched as others with chronic Lyme have slowly regained their health, going from bed ridden nearly every day to being moderately productive in a couple of weeks. It is not a quick fix as it takes time for the body to rebuild and heal from the damage that has been done. 

I understand your friend's concern, there are many LLDs who try their best to treat chronic Lyme with very little success (I have experienced this first hand). For me, MMS seems to be a very affordable way to climb my way out of the despair that is chronic Lyme without the need for more medical bills and deeper debt. I hope and pray that you find the solutions that you so desperately seek.


On Tuesday, September 28, 2021, 02:27:28 AM EDT, jenny goodhealth via <jenny_goodhealth2@...> wrote:

One of my friends replied to my request for help to raise medical funding to treat Lyme & co-infections as follows: 

“I got your message. I am still concerned about you being taken advantage of by doctors/healthcare providers (Dr. Steven Harris. other LLMDs & Naturpath provides ozone treatment)  selling you these un-proven treatments (ozone & other alternative treatments) for an un-proven diseases (Lyme disease & co-infections).  I care for your welfare and don’t doubt that you have symptoms worth treating.  But I fear you are caught up in the wrong treatment approach – perhaps for years.  I am interested in how I can help you get better clarity on this.  You said you were going to look into my concerns. Did you? 

Here’s the link on some information on Dr. Harris and the suspected fraud issues around chronic lyme disease.

 If you are willing to re-assess, I will consider helping you find a medical evaluation from a doctor that is not a Lyme-Literate Doctor.  I am not willing to help you raise money for un-specified past healthcare bills or future Lyme-literate treatment.” 

Please advise on how to persuade him that (1) chronic Lyme & mycoplasma fermentan icognitious are bioengineered & exist;  (2) the medical establishments did not want us to get well & purposes misdiagnosed us; (3) ozone & other alternative treatments are effective & legitimate; (4) my LLMD Dr Steven Harris is a relatively ok doctors in comparison with other MDs????  How to find out whether Dr.Harris’ M.D. license was revoked or suspended in Illinois as mentioned in above link? 

Will tell him about this group, some books written by Lyme doctors (any recommendations) help?   Also will tell him about by Scott Frogren dedicated to help Lyme patients help?  

Please advise??



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