Re: Thank you Cheryl. Yes it is sad how people are brought to the slaughter. Being born 1944 in Germany, I know the history of highly educated 'normal' people being deceived. Millions ended up dead.


Just like in USA the ‘Japanese’ (born in USA) and in Germany the ‘Jews’ (born in Germany) these people followed one leaders government dictate and lost everything – as in Germany many Jews lost their lives.

Had someone told our mother what is happening, she would have said that you are nuts. That could never happen.

Now, half the world is being cleverly deceived through fear.


My Brother in Law (92) was enticed to be vaccinated. Next week my sister (his wife) called me and said that he is not right in his head. Doing and saying strange things. A week later he developed extreme Alzheimer symptoms with aggressiveness, bad language etc. (he was the kindest man!) a week later he died.


The Hospital wanted to declare it ‘Parkinsons’ My sister protested.

It doesn’t matter. Vaccinating recklessly is murder.

Paul Schmidt



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