Re: does anyone have a f165 or GB4k/MOPA for use (will pay)


Thank you for your interest -

I used to take Vitamin C but get sick quickly now if I try to saturate my body with it. It doesn't seem to leave me quickly, possibly my thyroid or lymph nodes aren't working right. I don't quite know. I just get sick (on toilet) and lethargic if I take anymore than 1g over a few days. I used to do Salt + Vitamin C, now I just eat oranges when I can.

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On Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021 at 6:07 PM, petetheisen via <petetheisen@...> wrote:

While you are waiting to get wired, buy a bottle of time-release Vitamin

C in a high dosage. Take as much as you can spread over the day. If it

gives you the runs back off a little, say from a dozen pills to eleven

pills or something. Whatever it is infecting you the Vitamin C will bump

your immune system to take care of it. You can still use the rife

machine if you get one. Meanwhile, this is $20 - $30 bucks.

I take 6 - 1000mg pills a day routinely. If I start to catch a bug I

double that. You have to experiment to find the right dose.

On 9/22/21 8:54 PM, HDclark via wrote:

I am infected with God only knows what, several symptoms, would like to

test by using a working machine as I don't have $2-$4k to play with at

the moment.

Please email if interested, will pay for time and usage.


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