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I ordered from them before.  It was ok.  You may need to follow up with them by email.  If you don’t receive your stuff, you can stop credit card payment. 

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Does anyone else have experience with this company?   I ordered online on September 3rd and have heard nothing from them since then. 

On 9/3/2021 2:54 AM, Cheryl Hedges wrote:
Thank you, Marilyn, for sharing your experiences. Very glad that you had success with using the MMS.

For those looking to source the ready made MMS drops, here is a reliable source (per friends who have recently purchased from this company):

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Does most have a shelf life ?
Expiration date?

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   Lots of interesting discussion of this topic here.  thanks for bringing it up, Cheryl.

   I started using MMS in 2008, and as you expressed in a later msg, Cheryl, yes, its been a godsend.
   I got a bad tooth abscess.  Painful.  MMS helped a lot, what I did wrong tho, was I did not take it long enough, just until the pain stopped.  so what happened?  In 3 weeks, it came back.  Repeated the whole experience, the pain went away, did not take it long enough, the pain came back.  the 3rd time MMS did not help and I did find another way.

   Earlier, I had the 100 day cough.  MMS got rid of it in 2 weeks.
   I firmly believe that at least half the hospital beds would be empty if people used it.
   And of course, like the spamdemic, its all political, cause it works. and you don't have to pay zillions of bucks to the pharmacartel.

    And, I think that when The Donald was harassed for supposedly recommending bleach - he was talking about MMS - but perhaps did not know the name?  Anyway, that's my theory.

     Since I started using it, I understand the method is somewhat different.  I'm familiar with the old way - 5 drops lemon juice to each drop MMS, wait 3 minutes, add a half glass water or grapefruit juice.

     oh yes, of course it all to help w the Covid nonsense.  of course.  its made for it.

      My 3 cents.

         - Marilyn -

On 2021-07-25 1:50 a.m., Cheryl Hedges wrote:
In case anyone has an interest. Valuable information. Over 5000 doctors in 25 countries have had 99.3% success rate in treating Covid and 100% success when used to prevent. Needless to say, this is highly censored. You cannot find it on Google, YouTube, etc. There are very many videos on the topic on Brighteon, including doctor testimonials and instructional videos. Andreas Kalcker, PhD, has devoted his life to this and his videos are also found on Brighteon. I am going to resend this email through my ProtonMail account as I have found that Yahoo sensors many emails.

Many blessings,

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